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Common problems during the bending process

Common problems during the bending process

Sep 25,2023
With the development of The Times, all walks of life are more and more refined, people's functional requirements for mechanical equipment are also higher and higher, pipe bending machine is commonly used equipment, today to summarize the common problems of pipe bending machine in the work:

I. Pipe surface deformation:

Reason: the bending die is too small, in order to avoid bending the pipe, the middle space is too small, and the gap of the mold is not good.

2. Pipe wall wrinkle:

Cause: The force between fixture and pipe wall is not uniform resulting in deformation.


1. Timely clean the debris on the surface of the mold and choose the right mold

2. When bending the pipe, the gap between the mold and the pipe in contact with the pipe wall should be reduced as much as possible to avoid stress and deformation.

3. Check whether the mandrel is suitable and whether the gap between the mandrel and the pipe is too large

4. Check whether the anti-wrinkle mold is worn or suitable

5. Check whether the pressure on the mold is insufficient

Traditional mandrel bending machine, checking the fault may be a laborious process, you must manually check and eliminate the fault, according to the need to adjust, finally, I wish you a smooth adjustment!
Mace Hwang


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