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Automatic pipe bending machine equipment daily protection precautions

Automatic pipe bending machine equipment daily protection precautions

Sep 22,2023
In the daily use of automatic pipe bending machine equipment, which details should be careful and maintained can promote the performance of the pipe bending machine and extend the quality of the product. In the daily processing of automatic pipe bending machine equipment, because automatic pipe bending machine selects servo to control the processing, the equipment should pay more attention to maintenance in electrical aspects. Try not to use direct current for use under the same line, such as welding machines.

Each suggestion and use of the welding machine will lose a lot of power, so that the voltage of the CNC bending machine is unstable, resulting in the view of the bending machine may be inaccurate servo drive part, damaging the electrical part of the CNC bending machine.

In the normal bending process of CNC pipe bending machine, should pay attention to the use of lubricating oil, so that the equipment does not dry wear for a long time, to ensure that the servo drive a piece of regularity and clean, in the replacement of bending pipe or change the bending shape, should be careful to prevent mechanical drying, in the manual way to adjust each point is dry, in the case of a very good understanding of CNC pipe bending machine, After the shutdown, the power should be turned off immediately to reduce the loss, and finally the programming operation according to the actual situation
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