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What are the attention points of the daily maintenance of the pipe bending machine?

What are the attention points of the daily maintenance of the pipe bending machine?

Aug 15,2023
1, the removal and replacement of the cooling water of the pipe bending machine and the cleaning of the chiller. Before the pipe bender works, it must be ensured that the laser diode is filled with cooling circulating water, and the water body and temperature of the cooling circulating water immediately endanger the service life of the laser diode. Therefore, the cooling circulating water is removed and replaced every quarter, and the storage tank is cleaned. It's best to do this several times a week.
2. Clean your glasses. Some reflectors and focusing mirrors on the pipe bender. The laser comes out from the laser head according to the reflector of the eye lens and the focus point. The lens can easily pick up dust or other air pollutants, causing damage to the laser or damage to the lens. Therefore, clean your lenses every day. When cleaning together, pay attention to: 1. The lens should be gently scrubbed, and the surface plating crystal should not be damaged; 2. The whole process of scrubbing should be careful to avoid falling; 3. When installing the focusing mirror, keep the concave side downward as far as possible.
3, centrifugal fan cleaning. The long-term application of the centrifugal fan in the pipe bending machine will cause a large amount of liquid dust to accumulate in the centrifugal fan, making the centrifugal fan produce a large noise, which is not conducive to the exhaust pipe and deodorization. When the adsorption force of the centrifugal fan is insufficient and the smoke exhaust system is blocked, the centrifugal fan should be cleaned.

4, sliding rail cleaning. As one of the key parts of mechanical equipment, slide rail and linear spindle have the function of guiding and supporting plate. In order to ensure the high production and processing accuracy of the pipe bending machine, it is stipulated that the slide rail and parallel line have high guiding accuracy and excellent motion unit root check. In the whole process of mechanical equipment operation, due to the parts processing will cause a lot of corrosive smoke and smoke, a lot of smoke and dust long-term accumulation on the surface of the slide rail and linear axis, the production and processing accuracy of mechanical equipment is very harmful, will produce corrosion points on the surface of the slide rail linear axis, reduce the service life of mechanical equipment. Therefore, the pipe bender rail is cleaned every ten days. Close pipe bender before cleaning.
5. Loop check. The loop system of the pipe bender is matched by the reflecting surface of the mirror and the focusing point of the focusing mirror. The focusing mirror in the loop can not find the problem of deflection, but the three mirrors are fixed by some mechanical equipment, and the probability of deflection is very high. Although it is generally not easy to produce deviation, it is recommended that customers try to check whether the loop is normal before each work.
6. Tighten the screw and universal coupling. After the endocrine system works for a period of time, the screws and universal couplings at the motion joints will loosen, endangering the unit root check of mechanical movement. Therefore, during the operation of the pipe bender, it is necessary to observe the noise or abnormal situation of the transmission system components, and the problem should be firmly maintained immediately. The pipe bender should tighten the screws one by one with a small tool after a period of time. The first firm should be about one month after the mechanical equipment is applied.
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