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How does the expert explain the pipe bending machine?

How does the expert explain the pipe bending machine?

Aug 14,2023
Authoritative experts have carried out detailed scientific research and discussion on the pipe bending machine at the following levels:
1. The design scheme is based on the three-layer structure of the jack to reduce the coupling level of the software and hardware configuration of the automatic control system and complete their flexible connection, so that "one machine and more cards" are enough to complete.
2, for the traditional pipe bending machine equipment automatic control system only according to the fixed step production and processing pipe, can produce fewer pipe types, production and processing pipe types can not be too complicated and other defects, the elbow step dissolved into a dozen basic elbow posture, and on this basis clearly proposed the definition of the process file, by the process file specific guidance for production and processing. The adaptability of the elbow weapon equipment to the production and processing of different types of tubes is improved.
3, in the process file display information level, according to the logic of the process and sub-process with graphical interface method to display the information process file, and allow the process file to be written on the user interface, and then complete the graphical interface "G code program writing".
4. Tubular documents are used to store data information that describes tubes. Two coordinate methods, XYZ and YBC, are used to indicate the tubular document, and the coordinate transformation from XYZ to YBC is completed. The XYZ coordinate method is suitable for the visual description of the pipe type, and the YBC coordinate method is suitable for the description of the production and processing of the pipe type. According to the main parameters of the processing technology, the document of the pipe bending machine can be automatically converted into the process document conforming to the production and processing regulations.

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