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How is the off-line programming of the pipe bending machine?

How is the off-line programming of the pipe bending machine?

Aug 9,2023
Pipe bending machine is a device used in many fields, it can be as small as a small part of the freezer, but also can be as large as the winding of underground drainage pipes. The new type of bending machine has been innovating independently, and the new type of bending machine shows excellent versatility and many features that can help the staff operate the equipment more reasonably, and the actual operating staff who grasp the control characteristics of the new CNC lathe can use this effect to improve efficiency. Product Workpiece Abrasives Specifications Model Storage: The new most have a mutual characteristic.

Can store product workpiece specifications and all related production and processing information content, such as abrasive tool model specifications, parts and sheet metal bending order. In addition, the CNC function enables the actual operator to store and browse the special tool library, which is convenient for the visualization tool inventory. Raw material thickness inspection: When applying fine polishing tools, the bending machine can check the change of raw material thickness and carry out real-time sheet metal bending calculation, thereby reducing the total number of parts with too large or not enough sheet metal bending Angle. 3-D graphic display information and sheet metal bending simulation: along with the bending and forming of the product workpiece, this role can display the whole process of sheet metal bending information on the control panel display to prevent the damage of raw materials caused by the wrong forming of parts.
Wonsten, china cnc pipe bending machine automatic tube bender factoryThe off-line program writing of the pipe bender can save the preparation time in advance, because the employees do not need to formulate the processing program flow of the parts; The program flow of the parts is customized by professional and technical personnel and sent to the pipe bender.
So how to actually operate the anticorrosive pipe, you can use the pipe bender to carry out the elbow, first the orientation of the pipe fittings should be flattened on the ground, so that the anticorrosive pipe is in the abrasive tool and the base and the diagonal wedge, and the whole process must be completed by two rockers (base control rocker, diagonal wedge control rocker). When the anti-corrosion pipe is placed, the working pressure of the oblique wedge is 210bar.
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