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What is the system principle of the pipe bending machine

What is the system principle of the pipe bending machine

Aug 7,2023
In the rapid development of the industrial development trend of the last century after the 1990s, the infrastructure construction of industrial plants, machinery and equipment, traffic safety facilities requirements have been greatly improved, the requirements of a variety of metal hoses have been far from consideration, three-dimensional pipe bending machine is slowly developed and designed in this case mature. The application of the programmable design control board in the automatic control system provides technical assurance for the complicated and specified elbow system software. The appearance of many metal hoses continues to be complicated, which leads to the design and development of the control system. The traditional two-dimensional pipe bending machine cannot consider the complex industrial production needs.
CNC machine pipe bending machine split, automatic and other practical operation methods, and can consider the mandrel and no mandrel, there are active feeding and around feeding and other special requirements for different control of the specified places, and can be filled by the operator of the production and processing data information into a standardized code process flow to a specific program flow number, can save system software calculation Time, improve the efficiency of production and processing, can be carried out according to the operator's must in a specific bend number, so that the length of the production and processing product workpiece can not be limited by the travel arrangement of the machine equipment oh.

Up to now, because of the prevalence of China's central air conditioning, cars and other fields for the change of requirements from quantity to quality, so the same overflight of bending machine technology, CNC machining technology has finally been introduced to the field of bending machine, CNC machine tool intervention is a technological revolution in the field of elbow, whether from the elbow speed, precision all have very advantages. Servo as the field of war team first use the advantages of goods and Dentsu's integration of technical market sales to the field with a stronger vitality Oh.
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