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aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line layout rational use of space saving

aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line layout rational use of space saving

Jul 7,2023
The rational use of the layout of aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line locomotives to save space, first of all, you need to choose how many tons of aluminum extrusion machine according to the specifications of the production of profiles, because each tonnage covers a different area, the investment cost is also calculated according to the tonnage of the extrusion machine, in the production of aluminum profiles related equipment accounting price is a complete set of aluminum extrusion machine investment cost.

For example, 1000 tons of aluminum extrusion machine can process aluminum profiles with a cross-sectional area below 156mm, the required plant area is more than 60 meters long and more than 15 meters wide, and the price of the complete 1000 tons extrusion machine is about 1.4 million. The relevant operators of aluminum extrusion machines require to be able to skillfully and correctly operate and use the equipment in order to ensure that the equipment has a good use effect.

The tonnage selection of aluminum extrusion machine is mainly based on the size of aluminum profiles, that is, the specifications of aluminum profiles, because the size of aluminum profile specifications determines the tonnage size of aluminum profile extrusion machine. Moreover, if there are aluminum profile related drawings, then it is helpful to choose the extruder and avoid wrong selection.

Because some of the 6061 aluminum products specifications are more, each model needs to use the extruder is not the same, aluminum extrusion equipment is composed of 6 machines. For example, 500 tons of extruder must be matched with 500 tons of aluminum extrusion auxiliary equipment to produce 80mm-85mm aluminum rod, the raw material is aluminum rod, the machine will extrude it into the required shape.
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