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Damaged parts of aluminum profile extrusion machine are invalid

Damaged parts of aluminum profile extrusion machine are invalid

Apr 4,2023
In previous content, there were many solutions to the problem of heavy parts in aluminum profile extrusion machines, but there was very little description of the parts. Today, when the parts of aluminum profile extrusion machines are damaged or ineffective, what measures can be taken to deal with them. In fact, not only aluminum alloy profile extrusion machines and equipment can encounter such problems, all mechanical equipment only needs to gradually enter the work, and its parts will have a certain level of damage over time. What we need to do is to minimize the level of damage as much as possible.
Damaged parts of aluminum profile extrusion machine are invalid
There are many factors that can cause the aging of aluminum profile extrusion machine parts, such as excessive working strength, untimely wetting, all normal damage, fatigue limit, etc
1. When the working strength of the aluminum profile extrusion machine is too high, it can cause damage to the parts. When the parts are subjected to external loads such as bending, compression, bending, shear, and torsion, the risk cross-section will rupture, such as the rupture of the positioning pin, the rupture of the anchor bolt, and the fracture at the root of the transmission gear.
2. If the lubrication is not done in a timely manner, which damages all normal operating standards and results in invalidity, such as liquid friction rolling bearings, they can only work normally when they have a complete oil film; If those essential standards are affected, different types of invalidity will occur, such as invalidity caused by overheating of rolling bearings, plywood, damage, etc., and invalidity caused by pulley deviation.
3. The damage that occurs during the operation of the aluminum profile extrusion machine (key reason) is mainly caused by erosion, damage, and contact fatigue on the surface of the parts, which are all ineffective methods that gradually occur with the continuous operation time, such as damage to the slide rail and erosion of the shaft sleeve.
4. Excessive work intensity
If the internal stress acting on the part exceeds the strength limit of the raw material, the part may cause residual deformation, such as bending of the transmission shaft and deformation of the rotating cover.
The above are some of the reasons why aluminum profile extruder parts are ineffective. To prevent damage, or to start with regular maintenance and upkeep of aluminum profile extruder machinery and equipment, we have already shared the maintenance methods before and will not repeatedly introduce them in detail here. The production line of aluminum profile extruder is a type of equipment, and daily maintenance and upkeep is crucial, If daily maintenance and upkeep can be ensured, not only can the service life of aluminum alloy extrusion machines and equipment be increased, but also the waste caused by aluminum alloy profiles can be reduced, and the qualification rate can be improved!

Mace Hwang


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