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How to effectively control the impact performance of Cu-Al profile extruder

How to effectively control the impact performance of Cu-Al profile extruder

Mar 6,2023
At present, aluminum profile plays a key role in industrial production and is one of the basic processes of industrial development. At present, the processing characteristics of small and medium-sized copper and aluminum profile extruders depend on relatively fast and low-quality switching. The use of parts, small transmission power and small inertia, and its simple hydraulic system is very critical. According to the above characteristics, the copper and aluminum profile extruders cause strong hydraulic oscillation and impact during the extrusion process.
How to effectively control the impact performance of Cu-Al profile extruder
At present, in the alloy extrusion, the most basic and common application of conical and flat dies, in which the profile extrusion dies and tool sets are easy to use, so it is recommended to use the versatility and exchange ability of this standard. The design series is the worst standardization, and the production of copper and aluminum profile extrusion machines is integrated. The formation and evolution of process research cross-curve mergers and acquisitions is in perfect conditions, Its formation and evolution mechanism is also the main content of this study. Therefore, the designer has established the split transmission basis of the profile, and established the Cu-Al profile extrusion machine, and the constitutive equation of the material has been set.
In the extrusion process, the user can accurately control the system control by studying the working area and entering the speed field of the part. The user can build the ideal debugging state and the best processing capacity of the automatic processing line built by the software. The shape and temperature of the copper and aluminum profile extruder also affect the extrusion speed. Under similar conditions, the extrusion speed of the groove at the conical base is less than that of the groove at the slender base.
When pressing the groove on the bottom of the cone during processing, the metal deformation is soft, and the thermal deformation is very large. Therefore, the alloy with great plasticity gradually increases. The precise operation, requirements and preventive measures can be controlled according to the specifications of the extrusion alloy and the tonnage copper aluminum profile extruder, because the minimum pressure ratio required for reverse extrusion is greater, and the positive pressure is eroded at a relatively high temperature.

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