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How to reduce the black slag phenomenon of aluminum profile extruder products?

How to reduce the black slag phenomenon of aluminum profile extruder products?

Feb 27,2023
In order to reduce the scrap rate of aluminum extruders, attention must be paid to the defects such as blackening and slag inclusion in the process products. Through continuous practice, the preventive measures for defects of aluminum extruders are put forward.
First, the control of production process of aluminum extrusion machine. After cutting the bar, the dust on the aluminum bar shall be purified through the air pipe to reduce the amount of fly ash brought into the bar and the source of dragging black slag. At the same time, there must be sufficient compaction thickness. Too thin compaction will cause the aluminum bar to enter the end of the profile, forming a black, slag and aluminum profile extruder, and remove the cylinder in each production cycle.
How to reduce the black slag phenomenon of aluminum profile extruder products?
The second is the adjustment of aluminum extrusion equipment. If the extrusion rod will not cause a series of undesirable phenomena in the world, it must be calibrated up and down as soon as possible, regularly check and replace the pressure block, and use it for a long time. Therefore, pay attention to replacement.
Third, regarding the design and adjustment of the die used in the aluminum profile extruder, if the plane die is used, the guide plate needs to be installed to guide the flow, so as to reduce the feed inlet; The feed must have a full-circle mold diversion hole, 
and pay attention to the phenomenon that the diversion hole is too large. Rge, cannot be produced on the machine.
In addition, the equipment of aluminum extrusion die must match the performance of extrusion materials and the requirements of extrusion products, on the one hand to reduce unnecessary waste, on the other hand to meet the actual needs of extrusion.

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