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Characteristics of aluminum profile extruder barrel

Characteristics of aluminum profile extruder barrel

Feb 23,2023
In principle, there is no difference between aluminum extruder and copper profile extruder. Only aluminum extruders are mainly responsible for producing better aluminum, while copper extruders are mainly responsible for copper production. What are the characteristics of aluminum extruder parts?

Characteristics of aluminum profile extruder barrel

Generally speaking, the aluminum profile extruder is a single-acting type. In addition to extruding seamless tubes, it is a heating box. The mold base does not need heating. Moreover, there are many models of extruders, so in addition to single-acting aluminum extruders, there are also double-acting aluminum extruders to meet different needs.

The cylinder can be divided into single-acting and double-acting. The single-acting cylinder of the aluminum extruder can only be pushed forward or backward by the gas, and its recovery depends on the thrust or contraction force of the spring. The single-acting cylinder has only one air pressure hole and one spring.

The double-acting cylinder of aluminum extruder is different. It can move back and forth depending on gas. The double-acting cylinder has two air pressure holes and no spring. That is to say, whether single-acting cylinder or double-acting cylinder, our main choice is to choose the cylinder with better quality to avoid affecting the mold and output.

The carefully designed aluminum profile extruder has the characteristics of single cycle of 12.65 seconds, stable extrusion speed, temperature difference adjustment device, etc. In addition, aluminum extruder equipment
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