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The key to fine adjustment of aluminum profile extrusion die

The key to fine adjustment of aluminum profile extrusion die

Feb 22,2023
In the extrusion process, the extruder and the extrusion die are equally important. Therefore, on the basis of understanding the aluminum extruder, we must learn the extrusion die. This article is about the aluminum profile finishing mold, to share with you.

Key to fine adjustment of aluminum profile extrusion die

In order to fix the extrusion die, the correct key is to analyze and judge and reasonably adjust the metal flow rate. Specifically, it is used to adjust the proportion of metal flow distribution, adjust the blocking or similar objects by various methods of contact friction, and adjust the length of the hole to change the working frequency band of the metal or the equal flow velocity hole of the mold, so as to make the metal mold uniformly flow the hole and extrude qualified products.

It requires the designer to distribute reasonably. If the distribution is unreasonable, it will lead to uneven velocity distribution of all parts, making it difficult to repair the mode, or even impossible to repair the mode in serious cases. For most molds, although the amount of metal distribution is determined, it can change the friction resistance between metal and mold.
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