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How to improve planning efficiency of aluminum extrusion machine

How to improve planning efficiency of aluminum extrusion machine

Feb 17,2023
How to improve the planned efficiency of aluminum extruders is one of the aluminum manufacturing processes of the necessary equipment, which will directly affect the output and quality of products. How to improve the efficiency of aluminum extruders on the premise of ensuring quality?

In order to achieve this goal, only the original aluminum extruder can be properly modified. First, the installation of the water treatment system for the water purification and post-treatment of the extruder is not easy to scale, and then enter the cooling line to use a booster pump to increase the pressure. However, it is also installed in the inlet water filter, and the regular cleaning of the filter extends the life cycle of the system.

Secondly, water removal will also be the main line of the original aluminum extruder, and the flow area will be increased by increasing the nozzle diameter; Backflush and remove the original water, replace it with stainless steel pipe with smooth wall and increase the diameter of nozzle to reduce the formation of wall scale; Don't forget to set the parallel lines of the conduits in series to achieve the ultimate goal of reducing the exhaust gas temperature and oil temperature.
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