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What is the preparation for operation of aluminum extrusion machine and how to deal with each action essentials

What is the preparation for operation of aluminum extrusion machine and how to deal with each action essentials

Feb 16,2023
The aluminum extrusion machine is one of the important equipment made of aluminum. The machine must be fully prepared, otherwise it may hinder its normal operation. And when the aluminum extrusion machine is in use, the operation of each step should be smooth.

Before using the aluminum extruder, open the tank and filling valve, inject the appropriate viscosity, and fill the first valve between the sufficient amount of anti-wear hydraulic oil in its tank, while maintaining the oil temperature in the normal required range. For the maximum Chaoguo 55 ℃, the high and low oil temperature will damage the equipment.

Key points of operation preparation and handling of aluminum extrusion machine

And enough water is also provided for the cooler, which is an aluminum extruder; And the voltage is maintained within 380 ± 10% V; Then, to reduce the cleanliness of the contact surface of the guide rail and sliding shaft equipment and the movement lubrication between the lubrication points, so as to keep them clean.

After re-opening the standards of all valves in the aluminum squeeze oil circuit system, all high-pressure release valve knobs; The quantity of high-pressure pump and low-pressure pump to hydraulic fluid; Don't forget that all bolts can also be checked, especially the high-voltage part. Finally, start the device to confirm whether the power supply is normal.

One by one and then start the motor, correct the rotation direction, and show it to adapt to the direction of the pump; The instantaneous start time and the motor shall be turned off in advance to exhaust the air pump; The pump speed is 10 to 20 minutes, and the pump checks the gentle sound; The pump pressure must be adjusted, first in the manual operation sequence, and then in the linkage operation.

If you want to maintain the progress of the cylindrical ingot aluminum extrusion machine, on the one hand, adjust the scissors at the upper limit position; On the other hand, the extrusion or die seat hole cleaning position must also be allowed. It is also very simple to raise and lower the aluminum extruder and scissors, which not only makes the die base must be squeezed or the hole must be cleaned; The ingot can also make the ink cartridge open at the limit position.
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