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The adaptability of aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line

The adaptability of aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line

Feb 15,2023
Aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line is mainly used to produce copper and copper alloy pipe, bar, profile and wire extruder. According to its transmission mode, it can be divided into mechanical transmission mode and hydraulic transmission mode. Mechanical drive extruders are vulnerable to impact when the load changes. They are not sensitive to the adjustment of extrusion speed. Its overload protection ability is small, difficult to large-scale application. Generally used for small tonnage, high speed cold extrusion, rarely used at present. Hydraulic drive extruder smooth operation, good overload adaptability, extrusion speed is easy to adjust. Suitable for extruding all kinds of pipe, bar, profile and wire products. It is now widely used.

There is no relative sliding between billet and extrusion cylinder when casting aluminum extrusion. The metal flow is concentrated near the die hole and the deformation is relatively uniform. Reverse extrusion eccentricity is better than forward extrusion eccentricity. Low energy consumption, low residual pressure and high output. However, the operation of back extrusion is more complicated, the clearance time is longer than that of forward extrusion, and the quality stability of extrusion products and back extrusion process needs to be further improved. Aluminum has the characteristics of strong controllability, flexible production, convenient tool mold maintenance and transformation.

The working efficiency of aluminum extruder is closely related to its service life and installation sequence. The equipment base of the aluminum extruder can not only bear the weight of the equipment and raw materials, but also bear the dynamic load of the extruder. Therefore, the aluminum extruder must be installed according to the corresponding installation procedure. According to the equipment specifications, excavate the foundation pit, and excavate the grooves of the circuit, upper and lower water pipes and compressed air pipes. Extruder bolt hole dimension, fixed foot hole wooden die. Bottom hole grain should be trapezoid or large conical surface. Fill the bottom and leave your toes. On the basis of straw bales, 24 hours after drinking water sanitation. During cement-based curing, the ambient temperature should be above 5℃.
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