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Structure and type of aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line

Structure and type of aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line

Feb 14,2023
Aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line is the main equipment for producing light alloy (aluminum alloy, copper alloy, magnesium alloy) pipe, bar and profile. Its emergence and development only lasted more than a century, but great changes have taken place. From a few megabitnewtons of manual hydraulic press, developed to 200 megabitnewtons of fully automatic hydraulic press. The variety of extruders has also increased greatly. The capacity and quantity of extruder reflect the level of production technology of an enterprise. The capacity, quantity, production capacity and equipment level of extruder reflect the level of industrial development.

The extruder is mainly composed of mechanical part, hydraulic part and electrical part.

The mechanical part consists of the base, the prestressed frame tension column, the front beam, the movable beam, the X-shaped guide extrusion cylinder seat, the extrusion shaft, the ingot feeding mechanism, the chip shear, the sliding die seat and so on.

The hydraulic system is mainly composed of master cylinder, side cylinder, lock cylinder, punch cylinder, large-capacity axial piston variable pump, electro-hydraulic proportional servo valve (or electro-hydraulic proportional control valve), position sensor, tubing, oil tank and various hydraulic switches.

The electrical part is mainly composed of power cabinet, console, PLC programmable controller, upper industrial controller and display screen.

Metal extrusion machine is the main equipment to realize metal extrusion processing. Metal extrusion is an important method of metal plastic pressure forming. Its important characteristic is that the metal ingot can be processed into tubes, rods and profiles at one time, which is almost incomparable to any other method. Decorative materials for beautiful and generous buildings; Spaceships and space stations that allow human exploration of outer space; The backbone materials used in railway, subway, light rail, maglev train, boat and other fields are almost all closely related to extrusion processing.

Copper extruder is suitable for extruding copper tube and copper alloy tube, rod, rod, wire and other products.

1 Machine Characteristics

(1) The structure of the whole machine adopts four-column horizontal type, and the fuel tank is placed on the top. It has the characteristics of novel structure, neat arrangement and easy maintenance.

(2) The movable beam adopts four-point positioning, the center can be adjusted, the mold design is reasonable, which can greatly reduce the production cost.

(3) Different extrusion processes can be set, and pipes with different apertures can be extruded with fixed needles.

(4) Hydraulic part adopts large flow cartridge valve system, good sealing performance, low temperature rise.

(5) The electrical part adopts PLC products, which are reliable and sensitive.
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