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Select the extruder to see several aspects

Select the extruder to see several aspects

Feb 1,2023
Extruder many friends have used, but asked you to choose the extruder, would you? Of course, what we choose is not a whole, it could be a part of it. And today we are going to talk about the selection of the motor in the extruder we should pay attention to several aspects.

In the extruder, the motor is also very important, because it is the origin of power, because the type of extruder is different, but how do we choose the motor? Because there is a lot of demand, many extruders will also be used in harsh environments. We should also take into account the effect of the corresponding motor used in harsh environments, so we should choose it well.

We also want to see how to choose the voltage to meet our needs, of course, power is also very important, we had better choose the load is relatively large motor, and the price is relatively cheap, in transportation and after-sales and other issues are more important. Different production methods on the whole performance of the motor is very different. In general, when we choose extruder, these aspects are what we need to pay attention to.
Mace Hwang


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