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Do you know what the life of the extrusion die is related to?

Do you know what the life of the extrusion die is related to?

Jan 30,2023
Extrusion mould plays a certain role in the production of many of our industries, and its cost is relatively small, so the service life of extrusion mould has a certain impact on our production cost. Do you know whether the smart people know what the service life of the extrusion mold is related to? If you don't know, you can ask Wittmechanic for help.

You should know that the design of the mold is a very intensive work, because the quality of the mold will directly affect the cost of the mold and the life of the mold. Of course, a good mold not only has a good structure, but also other stressed parts are very symmetrical. The surface of the mold is very smooth, and the wall of the pipe is the same thickness, so there will be no concentrated rupture.

We can also calculate the impact pressure of the stamping parts, so that we can not only choose the appropriate die material, but also ensure the toughness and strength of the Witt mechanical die. This is also good for our heat treatment, we can use more advanced processing methods, such as high speed polishing, high speed milling and so on. If we want to make the conditions and environment of the press better, we should use the extruder more reasonably. Of course, it is also necessary to maintain the mold regularly, which can help us improve the environment.
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