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Methods to improve the efficiency of aluminum extruder

Methods to improve the efficiency of aluminum extruder

Jan 29,2023
You should know that the extruder itself is important, so how to improve the efficiency of the extruder is also the problem that we are concerned about. In this Witte machinery will be embarrassed and you talk about how to improve the effect of aluminum extrusion machine to him. Wait and see.

We can add a water treatment system, let him soften the water first, then purify it, so he's less prone to scaling, and we can use a pressure pump to increase the pressure in the cooling pipe. Add a filter in the place where the water is received, and then clean it regularly, so that it is very convenient to maintain.

We can remove the water main for him, then increase the diameter of the pipe mouth, so that his circulation area will be larger, and then remove the previous flushing channel for him and replace it with smooth stainless steel pipe, which can greatly reduce the generation of scale. When we do the modification, there will be less resistance in the cooling line, so he can take in more water.

When we transform the system, we will see how it works. If the quality of the air is good, then his fuel consumption will decrease, and then the efficiency of the air compressor will be improved. I believe that you should be able to know how to improve the efficiency of aluminum extrusion machine through our above introduction.
Mace Hwang


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