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Operation principle and main features of aluminum profile extrusion machine

Operation principle and main features of aluminum profile extrusion machine

Jan 12,2023
There are many varieties of extruder, including aluminum extruder, so in order to fully understand the extruder, we still have a lot of work to do, so we can't have a little slack. That has already mentioned the aluminum extrusion machine, so below, let's carry out some basic aspects of explanation, so that we can have a basic knowledge and understanding of it, and not in this respect is a blank.

Aluminum extrusion machine, it can be divided into two kinds of forward extrusion and reverse extrusion, but now it is still more used for forward extrusion. Its structure, mainly includes the master cylinder, the middle plate and extrusion rod.

The working principle of aluminum profile extruder is:

After the material is heated in the heating furnace, it reaches the required extrusion temperature, and then it is placed in the ingot cylinder and pushed rapidly by the extrusion rod until the head of the extrusion rod enters the cylinder. At this point, a signal switch is passed to enable the machine to perform the extrusion operation, and then the desired extrusion is achieved.

Aluminum extrusion machine, its main features are:

(1) hydraulic drive, automatic electrical control, so the structure design is reasonable.

(2) To carry out equipment and repair is very convenient, and the operation is simple.

(3) Empty stroke is the use of rapid liquid filling and oil return equipment, so it can improve operating efficiency, but also save energy.

(4) The extrusion speed can be set in sections to satisfy different extrusion process requirements.
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