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The application of aluminum extrusion machine

The application of aluminum extrusion machine

Jan 5,2023
Aluminum extrusion machine and its use method, including extrusion molding equipment, water supply system and automatic controller, as well as the water cooling area extrusion molding equipment is provided with a feed port on the side wall, the water cooling area and air drying area are separated by a partition board, the connecting hole is opened in the middle of the partition board, the air drying area is opened on the side wall, the atomizing nozzle and the water nozzle is provided with a blowing port, Used for blowing the upper and lower surfaces of profiles in the air drying zone.

Because the extruder guide plate is inclined between the water cooling zone and the air drying zone, the guide plate is connected with the water supply system's return pipe, and connected with the return pipe, the water tank is used as a backup water tank, so it can supply water to the water cooling area. Now the extruder has improved the heat dissipation efficiency and resource utilization rate, so the degree of automation is high, easy to popularize and use. Now it is understood that the hopper device including the extruder is provided with a plurality of support plates on the inner wall of the hopper, and the support seat can be slideably connected to the inner wall of the hopper, and the inner wall of the hopper is fixed in the connecting block below the bracket.

Now the new extruder, can realize the filtering of impurities in the material, ensure the quality of the extrusion molding material, avoid the wear of screw, extrusion barrel, and control the screen plate in the following has a bouncing effect, working conditions, to avoid materials, the surface of the screen plate piled up, so that the material smoothly through the sieve plate into the barrel, now widely used extruder, Involved in the field of plastic processing.

The extruder now includes the head and the body, the head side is provided with a rectangular slide rail and slide rail, connected in a sliding way, there are two filter plates set side by side, two filter plates are provided with a circular filter hole, filter hole internal filter cover tightened, filter cover and filter mesh detachable connection, filter cover edge surface, is provided with a tool slot for rotating filter cover, The current extruder equipment can facilitate the installation and disassembly of the screen, thus improving the efficiency of practical applications.
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