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The causes and solutions of loud noise during operation of pipe bending machine are described briefly

The causes and solutions of loud noise during operation of pipe bending machine are described briefly

Jan 3,2023
Pipe bending machines refers to the machine used for pipe bending and can also be used as jack equipment, mainly used in electric power construction, public railway construction, bridge, ship and other aspects of pipeline laying and construction. Pipe bending machine can be roughly divided into CNC pipe bending, hydraulic pipe bending, etc., various functions, reasonable structure, simple operation.
Every mechanical equipment will encounter some problems in the process of use, pipe bending machine is no exception. It may encounter problems such as loud noise and insufficient machining accuracy in the process of use. This paper briefly introduces the reason and solution of loud noise of pipe bending equipment.

Generally speaking, if the user of the new pipe bender feels that the starting noise has little to do with the hydraulic oil, because the hydraulic oil of the new equipment meets the standard, the noise may be insufficient oil, resulting in the oil pump inhaling air, so the sound, or because of the motor oil pump itself, the user needs to contact the manufacturer for timely inspection.
If the pipe bender is used for a period of time, the abnormal noise may be due to the oil problem. At this time, it is necessary to check the oil, clean the oil tank and oil suction filter, because excessive deposition in the oil tank will affect the hydraulic oil circulation cooling and oil deterioration, the oil temperature is not cooled in the long-term operation of the equipment, and the sound of the oil pump increases, which seriously affects the normal operation of the whole equipment.
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