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How to solve the deviation of hydraulic pipe bending machine after the oil temperature rises?

How to solve the deviation of hydraulic pipe bending machine after the oil temperature rises?

Nov 30,2022
As we all know, the main power of hydraulic pipe bending machine is the input of hydraulic oil to the hydraulic pump, which relies on the hydraulic solenoid valve to provide control hydraulic power to the cylinder piston so as to achieve the operation of each part. Under normal circumstances, the oil temperature should be set at 90°, but when the oil temperature rises, there will be a deviation of 100° or 70°. How should we solve this situation?

The oil moves back and forth in the motor of the oil pump, and realizes the high pressure input through the push pressure of the solenoid valve. In this mode, our oil temperature will rise soon, especially in the hot summer. All kinds of pipe bending machines, including automatic metal circular saw machine and pipe shrinking machine will appear. The bending error of pipe bender is large.
This is definitely a hassle, unless it's not usually necessary. A good idea is to add some hydraulic fluid when summer comes, and shut down the machine when the hydraulic pipe bender is not running.
The hydraulic pipe bender works 8 hours a day. Normally this problem will not occur, but if it does, it can be handled as above.
To determine the working time of the hydraulic pipe bender, turn it off as far as possible in the case of unmanned operation, make the hydraulic motor stop running, test whether the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder is sufficient, when summer comes, should be appropriate to add some hydraulic oil, as long as the oil is sufficient, the oil temperature will not rise quickly, you can also choose to insert a pipe in the cooling pump to achieve water circulation cooling.
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