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What are the pushing modes of automatic pipe bender? Give a detailed introduction

What are the pushing modes of automatic pipe bender? Give a detailed introduction

Nov 23,2022
Automatic pipe bending machine is a kind of machine with a wide range of applications. With the improvement of the technical level of each industry, the requirements for its precision and composite processing technology are becoming higher and higher. The design principle of the elbow is to increase the bending distance according to the fair support point and bearing point, so that the seamless steel pipe produces plastic deformation, so that the lower die of the cold-formed steel pipe is located in the front of the bending equipment, and the hydraulic cylinder will hang it on the frame, and the steel pipe from the back of the bending pipe through the fixture and the front of the upper die will be hung on the frame by the hydraulic cylinder. Before the steel pipe is led from the back of the bending equipment through the fixture to the lower die with the spigot, it is hung on the steel tube wall with the hydraulic cylinder to make the inner wall of the steel tube produce plastic deformation.
In the process of the development of pipe fitting materials, the power source is constantly improved and enhanced. In the early days when artificial pipe bending was adopted, the main power source was single pipe or multi-pipe bending, and the processed products were generally small pipe fitting. This processing method has low production efficiency, low precision and limited pipe type. With the development of modern science and technology, the improvement of industrial level, the development and research of CNC bending, three-dimensional hydraulic bending and other parts of high performance equipment, this kind of high quality automatic bending machine's key driving methods generally have three kinds: motor drive, hydraulic press push, motor hydraulic press mixed push.

1. Motor drive.
In modern industry today, the power source of most institutions and devices is driven by motor, which provides power for the basic work of the whole device. Rely on the motor to provide power, there are many other ways in the process of power transmission, such as the motor can be used to drive gear, rack, CAM, connecting rod and other mechanisms, according to the situation design to meet the requirements of the automatic pipe bender.
2. Hydraulic transmission.
With the continuous development of industrial technology, hydraulic transmission technology has become one of the more rapid development of mechanical equipment technology, especially in recent years, has entered a new stage of development. Hydraulic transmission and control system has the advantages of large transmission power, high control precision requirements, fast response speed, easy to realize motor liquid integrated control, etc., has been widely used in all walks of life. Hydraulic drive automatic pipe bending machine is a new type of bending equipment, with reasonable structure, convenient operation, safe use, fast loading and unloading, multi-purpose and so on.
3. Motor mixed hydraulic transmission.
Hydraulic bend has the advantages of large transfer power, high control precision, fast response, but also has its disadvantages, such as: because the operator action is too much, low production efficiency, machine loss, short service life; Need more operators, high labor costs, high product costs. Therefore, in the further study, it is suggested to use motor hydraulic hybrid drive, which can adopt a reasonable transmission mode in the advantageous position of motor and hydraulic, reduce production cost, improve efficiency and improve machining accuracy.
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