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What aspects should be paid attention to in the overload detection of automatic pipe bending machine?

What aspects should be paid attention to in the overload detection of automatic pipe bending machine?

Nov 21,2022
In industry, the use of fully automatic pipe bending machine is very much. In order to better let you better understand the role of this kind of pipe bender, let's introduce to you, this kind of pipe bender is how to maintain overload operation?
First, before using the pipe bender, we should install the pipe bender in a proper position. Generally speaking, it must be installed in the horizontal direction, and its error value shall not be greater than 2.
Two, the automatic pipe bender must be inspected before leaving the factory. If the inspection of the full bender does not meet the standard, then it cannot be used normally. We must ensure that its basic parameters pass the inspection, basic performance and assembly quality pass the inspection. Only when the appearance quality is guaranteed, can the next step of inspection be carried out. The performance inspection and noise inspection must meet the regulations. The inspection of basic parameters must also be completed in accordance with certain steps, and the random inspection of each batch should not be less than 10%. If the random inspection is unqualified, it cannot work normally.

Three, the inspection direction of automatic pipe bender is also very many. Including testing the normal use of various buttons, the normal use of overload protection device, and whether the clamping and relaxation of the rotary arm meet the regulations and so on. Only in the case of qualified inspection, in order to ensure the flexibility and reliability of the device to meet certain requirements, can carry out the next step of the inspection work.
Four, it is also very important to test the reliability of electrical devices. In addition, each automatic pipe bender must be tested at full load. Only under full load condition can it operate normally to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the pipe bender. For the overload test of new products, this kind of test can not be completed by the average user alone, so we must have a sufficient understanding of the automatic pipe bender can carry out sampling and detection, and achieve the pumping volume of more than 10% each time.
Mace Hwang