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What problems should we pay attention to when using hydraulic pipe bending machine?

What problems should we pay attention to when using hydraulic pipe bending machine?

Nov 18,2022
The use of hydraulic pipe bending machine is very simple, and some problems should also be paid attention to when using. For example, electrical safety should be paid attention to, because electricity is not a small matter, and it will have very serious consequences if it is not used well.

1. Although the circuit of the hydraulic pipe bender is insulated, there is always a line interface, do not touch, of course, do not allow people to touch, only professional personnel in maintenance or other circumstances can contact.
2. The voltage provided to the pipe bender must be supplied according to the voltage used by the equipment. Overload voltage should not be provided, otherwise it will be very dangerous, which may lead to machine damage, suspension or even leakage.
3. The machine must be completely isolated from the power supply before all electrical boxes are opened. And all the power supplies have to be turned off.
When using hydraulic pipe bender, electrical safety is the primary issue. Whether it is for machinery, or for employees, the correct use of electricity is the safest guarantee.
Mace Hwang


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