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What is the structure and working principle of CNC pipe bending machine?

What is the structure and working principle of CNC pipe bending machine?

Nov 1,2022
Numerical control pipe bending machine is a kind of two cylinder parallel processing, symmetrical push hydraulic press, pump room adopts comprehensive connection mode, simple maintenance. It can be used in aerospace, vehicles, electric locomotives, motorcycles, ships, petrochemical, power engineering, natural gas, China's nuclear industry, heating furnace, automobile, fitness equipment, air conditioning refrigeration, sporting goods and other tube bending equipment. The pipe bender can be divided into numerical control machine tool pipe bender and hydraulic pipe bender.
CNC pipe bender is mainly used in electric power construction, public railway construction, heating furnace, highway bridge, ship, furniture, decoration and other pipeline laying construction, with many functions, reasonable structure, convenient use, convenient movement, fast assembly and other characteristics. The counter can set the cutting working frequency, and automatically switch the machine after cutting. There are two types of pump boxes. Main tank for filter cleaning design. When CLEANING THE MAIN filter, separate THE connection between the fuel tank and the main foot door, release the fuel tank, and open the pump to turn dark blue. Remove filter device, clean with diesel or gasoline, genuine product can be reinstalled.

In the rational layout of the CNC pipe bender, it should be as convenient as possible to feed, fix, discharge and comb the waste. Fingers, wrists or other parts of the body are strictly prohibited from pouring. If the operator must use hand casting, large and medium machinery parts processing. The casting scale should be effectively reduced as far as possible, and the time of a part of the body staying in the structure should be reduced as far as possible. The safety protection management regulations and equipment needed for the development of equipment in dangerous areas of pipe bender grinding tools should be clarified. How to research the work of numerical control bender scientifically, the important link is our laser production and processing technology; And pipe bending machine and high precision laser processing to solve the analysis at the same time can be all kinds of professional and technical personnel processing artifacts, this is because we do not need direct contact when cutting was cut artifacts, so the pipe bending machine to produce the energy of the laser can be free for mobile data information, so that the heated by cutting surface of workpiece is symmetrical, so we need high precision cutting; And higher precision laser processing production process can improve each workpiece cutting raw materials, whether high melting point, high ductility or high toughness materials, cutting effect is quite good; Because of the high precision laser processing design of CNC pipe bender, it is loved by many customers in China.
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