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How to solve the energy consumption problem of pipe bending machine properly?

How to solve the energy consumption problem of pipe bending machine properly?

Oct 18,2022
The majority of the energy consumption of the pipe bending machine is the energy consumption of the oil pump of the hydraulic system, so energy saving must be carried out from this aspect. In order to reduce the energy consumption of the oil pump of the pipe bender, it is possible to try to install a frequency conversion speed regulating device. Because it can be rectified through the rectifier link AC electric energy, filtered into DC electric energy, and through the inverter link into different frequency AC electric energy output to the motor, in order to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

In the process of pipe bender transformation, the form of double circuit with power frequency and frequency conversion is adopted, but at the same time, don't forget to consider the influence of environmental conditions, grid voltage, load size and other factors; Also try to hydraulic energy-saving speed regulation device power line and control line separate line, control line as far as possible to use shielded line.

In order to better present the energy-saving effect, in addition to adding frequency conversion energy-saving speed regulation device, but also effectively enhance its anti-interference ability, so that the device in the case of interference failure, which will also lead to the pipe bender energy saving is not obvious.

In the operation of pipe bender, it is required to ensure that the pollution level of hydraulic oil used in the hydraulic system is not lower than the specified pollution level requirements, so it is necessary to filter or replace regularly, and clean the tank. The hydraulic oil of the specified brand must be added, so as not to cause adverse effects on the bender. As the hydraulic CNC pipe bender, gradually expand the application scope of later, people will instead focus on the energy consumption of aspects of the pipe bending machine, as one of the important configuration of manufacturers, the production cost of pipe bending machine occupies a large part of, only reduce the energy consumption of pipe bending machine, is likely to reduce overall costs, improve product competitiveness in the market.
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