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Bad effect after mould damage and clamping of pipe bending machine

Bad effect after mould damage and clamping of pipe bending machine

Oct 14,2022
In the process of using the pipe bending machine, the problem appears more is its mold part. Under the influence of this adverse factor, the pipe bender mold may be damaged, stuck and other problems, so that the pipe bender can not work normally, causing huge losses to the enterprise. If the quenching temperature of the die is too high, the quenching method and time are not reasonable, as well as the tempering times and temperature, and the improper selection of elbow, the pipe bender die will be damaged after entering the bending production. When the pipe bender mold is used, the wrong installation of the part position and direction or the bad bolt tightening will cause the damage of the mold. The cracking, breaking, swelling and so on of the mold belong to the damage problems of the pipe bender mold. The reasons must be found from the design, manufacturing process and the use of the pipe bender mold to solve them. First of all, it is necessary to check whether the manufacturing material of the pipe bender mold is appropriate and whether the corresponding hot buried process is reasonable.

The cost of producing a pipe bender mold is still very high, and it is difficult to manufacture the mold, and the cost of mold repair and grinding maintenance after putting into production is also high. Therefore, timely maintenance of the pipe bender mold and prevention of mold damage can greatly reduce the mold cost of bending production.

You should know that the pipe bender mold is not oriented and inclined; Or there is a foreign body between the template, so that the template can not be flat; The mold strength design is not enough or the force is not uniform, etc., will cause the mold deformation, and the more direct manifestation is the clamping mold when used in the pipe bender. In the bending process of the pipe bender, once the die of the pipe bender is not flexible or even stuck, the production must be stopped immediately, and the cause of the stuck die must be found out in time to eliminate the fault. Otherwise, the fault will be enlarged and the pipe bender mold will be damaged.
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