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How is the data of each component of pipe bending machine regulated

How is the data of each component of pipe bending machine regulated

Oct 8,2022
The adjustment of bending force of the pipe bending machine is mainly based on the calculation formula to calculate the thousand Niu value of the bending force of the sheet metal, and the P value of the indicated pressure is calculated according to Table 1, and then adjust the handwheel of the relief valve, so that the force produced is slightly greater than the thousand Niu value of the folding plate. Before using the pipe bender to bend the material, it is necessary to adjust all the data, including the bending force, the distance of the rear baffle, the upper limit of the slider, the speed of the slider and the clearance of the upper and lower die, so as to make it meet the actual operation requirements. So how do you adjust these parameters?

The adjustment of the upper limit of the slider of the pipe bender needs to be realized by adjusting the position of the bump block ⅱ, which can make the rising slider stay in the required upper dead point position, so as to shorten the travel distance of the slider, reduce the working cycle time, and thus improve the productivity. And the slider slow speed adjustment is related to the impact block I, touch the travel switch to make the slider slow speed, slow travel time length by adjustable potentiometer adjustment. The adjustment of the rear baffle distance of the pipe bender needs to be used for positioning in the length direction when bending the plate material. The button on the front button box controls the motor adjustment, and its adjustment value can be read from the revolution table on the button box. The conversion value of the revolution table is 0.1mm/ revolution, and a hand wheel is used for fine tuning.

If the two ends of the workpiece Angle is not consistent, you can loosen the expenditure nail, move the connecting rod left, off the left and right rotation of the connection, turn the handwheel to change the distance of the mechanical limit at one end, to achieve the purpose of micro adjustment of the workpiece end Angle. The adjustment of the upper and lower die clearance of the pipe bender is completed by the button on the button box at the bottom right of the operation table. According to the direction indicated by the sign of the pipe bender, the initial adjustment clearance should be greater than the plate thickness, and the clearance should be trimmed according to the Angle of the folded workpiece. Of course, the hand wheel can also be used for micro adjustment. The adjusted value is displayed by the calculator. Each increase or decrease of a single digit is 0.1mm.
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