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The solution of throttle speed regulation problem of pipe bending machine

The solution of throttle speed regulation problem of pipe bending machine

Sep 30,2022
The advantage of the volume speed regulation loop of the pipe bending machine is that the oil output of the hydraulic pump directly enters the executive component, and the flow area of the flow control component in the loop can be changed to achieve the purpose of controlling the flow into the executive component or the self-executive component, so as to realize the speed adjustment of the pipe bender. It is obvious that the variable pressure throttling speed regulating circuit is suitable for high speed, large load, little load change, the requirement for stationarity is not high, its defects are also obvious, is the loss of hydraulic pump, which has a great impact on the speed of the hydraulic cylinder.

In this process, the working pressure of the bender will change with the load, and the working pressure of the variable pressure throttle speed regulation changes with the load. The throttle valve regulates the flow back to the tank, so as to control the flow into the hydraulic cylinder. When the effective working area of the hydraulic cylinder is increased, the leakage of the pump is reduced.

And the device is more complex, the price is more expensive, the piston in the bender will stop moving in the variable pressure throttle speed regulation loop, and the bearing capacity of the pump is very poor at low speed. In order to make the pipe bender industry develop, it is necessary to overcome these shortcomings and further improve the performance of the pipe bender. All aspects of the bender produced by professional pipe bender manufacturers are in line with the standard. Its throttle speed regulation working principle is also very simple, which will mainly involve the volume speed regulation loop. The speed regulation of pipe bender has obvious advantages, but there is still room for improvement.
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