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An effective way to improve the performance of each component of pipe bending machine

An effective way to improve the performance of each component of pipe bending machine

Sep 27,2022
In order to effectively improve the stiffness of the main shaft of the pipe bending machine, not only three support structure should be adopted, but also double-row short cylindrical roller bearings with good rigidity and angular contact centripetal thrust bearings should be selected, in order to reduce the radial and axial deformation of the main shaft. In order to maintain stable cutting and efficient machining ability of the pipe bender, it is necessary to improve the dynamic stiffness. A more effective measure is to increase the damping coefficient and adjust the natural vibration frequency of the components to make the pipe bender better and better.

In order to improve the stiffness of some large pieces in the pipe bender, it is recommended to use a bed with a closed interface and a hydraulic balance, so as to reduce the deformation of the machine tool caused by the position change of moving parts. In addition, the contact stiffness between the various parts of the pipe bender and the improvement of the bearing capacity of the entire equipment are also key points.

To do this, the method of scraping can be used to increase the contact points on the unit area of each part of the bender, and apply sufficient preloading between the joint surfaces to increase the contact area. All these measures can effectively improve the contact stiffness.

Pipe bender used processing method based on numerical control programming directly control is given priority to, and the processing of sheet metal has strict requirements for accuracy, and pipe bending machine in the work of deformation can't effective compensation, therefore, must take all the elastic deformation of mechanical structure parts within the limits of control in as small as possible, to ensure that the required machining accuracy and surface quality.