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How to repair pipe bending machine after failure?

How to repair pipe bending machine after failure?

Sep 23,2022
More tests and field tests should be carried out during the development of electric pipe bending machine.
1. Noise and resonance
Noise affects the user's comfort in using pipe bending equipment, which is an important index to measure the quality of pipe bending machine. The noise of the domestic high-power pipe bender is generally above 80dB, especially in the place with low temperature, not only the noise is large, but also the resonance phenomenon. The noise of high-power pipe bender abroad is usually below 76dB.
The frame of the pipe bender is a welded box structure, similar to a sound box, which has the effect of amplifying noise. At the same time, in the place with low temperature, the movement resistance increases due to the increase of the viscosity of lubricating oil and the contraction of the sealing ring, which further aggravates the generation of noise. The welding process must ensure the quality of welding parts, reduce welding deformation, increase the appropriate reinforcement, so that the sound box effect is difficult to form. At the same time, the use of low temperature resistant lubricating grease and seal ring, can reduce the noise.
2. Problems in the development and design of electric pipe bender
The bending machine has some problems, such as the bending section deformation rate does not meet the national standard, the bending Angle compensation is difficult to control, the service life of the chain is not enough, and the control circuit is easy to damage. These problems belong to the design, aiming at the weak links to adopt the finite element technology analysis, optimization design of parameters, can get ideal results. On the basis of vibration test, temperature test, function test and life test, the qualified matching components are selected and the parameters are optimized.

3. The supporting roller of the pipe bender swings back and forth during pipe bending
The Angle between the steel pipe and the horizontal plane is usually designed to be zero. Due to the manufacturing error and various elastic deformation in the process of bending the pipe, the Angle cannot be the ideal zero. When the pipe moves forward, the forward deformation of the support roller increases, and the Angle will also increase. When the steel pipe bending process is tilted forward or backward, it causes the supporting roller of the bending pipe to swing back and forth in the working process. To improve the rigidity of supporting roller and ensure roller lubrication, can make the swing close to zero.
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