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How important is the cooling system of pipe bending machine?

How important is the cooling system of pipe bending machine?

Sep 21,2022
In the field of automation, rotary encoders are sensors used to detect displacement, Angle, velocity and acceleration. It DEPENDS ON THE CONTROL OF INDICA ROD, GEAR, MEASURING WHEEL OR ROPE CABLE, THE Angle INPUT TO THE shaft is converted into the corresponding electrical pulse or digital quantity by the rotation conversion principle, with the advantages of small size, high precision, reliable operation, digital interface, etc. The encoder can convert the actual mechanical parameter values into electrical signals that can be processed by counters, tachometers, PLCS and industrial PCS. Encoders are widely used in CNC machine tools, rotary tables, gear transmission, robots, radar, military target determination and other devices and equipment that need to detect the Angle.

The timely cooling of the pipe bending machine can make the tube billet under the bending part can be cooled rapidly by the action of the cooling medium, so that the inner fold of the tube billet is cooled and formed before it is formed, which can effectively prevent the inner wall of the tube billet from folding during bending. The cooling system is mainly divided into two forms. One is water cooling system, which is applied to curved carbon steel pipe and low alloy steel pipe. The other is an air cooling system used in curved stainless steel pipes. All the water used in the water cooling system is softening water, softening water system is the equipment to control the quality of cooling water. The use of softened water is beneficial to prolong the service life of equipment.

Grating plate is a circular plate with a certain diameter and a number of rectangular holes are equally opened. Because the rotating code plate is coaxial with the motor, when the motor rotates, the grating plate rotates at the same speed with the motor, and a number of pulse signals are detected and output by the detection device composed of light-emitting diodes and other electronic components. Rotary encoder is a kind of sensor with many applications at present, which is composed of grating disc and photoelectric detection device.
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