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Market competition of pipe bending machine is rational

Market competition of pipe bending machine is rational

Sep 20,2022
In the face of the current industry situation, pipe bending machine enterprises, agents and users should work together to actively respond. We are glad to see that more and more enterprises and agents are willing to think from the perspective of users. In addition to providing more perfect help in the level of products and services, they also provide a lot of help in other aspects within their capacity, such as making full use of the resources at hand to help users contract projects. Another example is to launch remanufacturing, financial leasing and other new businesses to reduce the financial pressure of users.

According to the investigation and analysis: In the current market environment, every new product and even daily sales of pipe bender are launched, all manufacturers and agents often carry out promotion through product promotion meetings, and the promotion methods are also various, "eight immortals cross the sea, each shows his or her powers", and reached the peak in the second half of 2011. At that time, industry promotions could be described as "crazy" -- low down payments were popular, even zero down payments were common, not to mention the escalating version of the gift wars!

For enterprises, the amount of accounts receivable is getting bigger and bigger, and even begins to affect the normal production and operation of enterprises. The problem, however, is that as fixed-asset investment falls and construction starts fall short, the market space continues to shrink for longer than most people expected, which leads to more idle construction machinery users. This means that without a stable income, users cannot repay on time, so they are always facing the threat of being locked or even taken back.
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