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What is the general structure of a pipe bending machine

What is the general structure of a pipe bending machine

Sep 19,2022
Pipe bending machine is suitable FOR installation and repair in factory, warehouse, wharf, construction, railway, automobile, etc. In addition to the function of bending pipe, it can also unload the bending pipe parts as a separate hydraulic lifting machine. General structure of pipe bender: Pipe bender is generally composed of electric oil pump, high-pressure oil pipe, quick joint, working cylinder, plunger, elbow parts (including upper flower plate, lower flower plate, die head, roller shaft). In addition to the bending function, the pipe bender can also use the cylinder as a hydraulic jack. Compared with the numerical control pipe bending equipment, it has the characteristics of cheap price and easy to use, and occupies the leading product position in the domestic pipe bending machine market.

The main power of the pipe bender is provided by the hydraulic system, so we will introduce what the hydraulic system has. An oil circuit control board, also known as the oil circuit board, four or five groups of solenoid valves, each group of solenoid valves is to control an action unit. Generally including clamping, core pulling, auxiliary push, bending these four groups because each part of the action is independent, so the need for a separate solenoid valve control.

A group of pressure retaining valve: pressure retaining valve is used in clamping, because when the pipe is bent, it will be expanded if there is no pressure retaining valve to maintain the stability of the oil pressure, there will be clamping can not be clamped, wrinkling deformation and so on when bending the pipe.

Regular discharge of water and sediment in the tank of the pipe bender is very key to the removal of impurities in the oil. At the same time, it is necessary to regularly empty the oil in the entire hydraulic system, which is to completely remove system impurities, oxidized hydraulic oil and other harmful substances. Once this is done, clean hydraulic fluids need to be added back into the system.
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