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How to solve the oil leakage of the elbow oil cylinder of pipe bending machine

How to solve the oil leakage of the elbow oil cylinder of pipe bending machine

Sep 9,2022
General bend the oil cylinder oil because oil cylinder for a long time did not change the sealing ring Cause sealing ring wear Sealing ring limited life normal two years or so Will need to replace a new sealing ring or cylinder pulls the sealing ring grinding replace damaged will be returning oil cylinder seals installed it will replace the oil cylinder cylinder pulls the installed to replace a new cylinder.

The pipe bending machine is divided into four control valves and five cylinders. The main cylinder drives the motion clamping cylinder of the elbow. The two is to control the clamping mold, which plays the role of clamping, and the core pulling cylinder, which plays the role of mandrel pulling, and the auxiliary push to prevent the deformation of the pipe and promote the bending of the pipe.

Pipe bender in industrial production. Metal thermal cutting generally gas cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting and so on. Plasma cutting compared with gas cutting. The cutting range is wider and the efficiency is higher. The surface quality of fine pipe bender is close to that of laser cutting, but the cost is much lower than that of laser cutting. Therefore, the pipe bender has been developed rapidly since it was successfully developed in the United States in the middle of 1950s.
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