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What should be done to reduce the thickness of pipe bending machine?

What should be done to reduce the thickness of pipe bending machine?

Sep 5,2022
What should be done to reduce the thickness of pipe bending machine? First of all, it is necessary to make clear that the use performance of pipe bender is different, and the wall thickness thinning rate is also different. For example, the pipe fittings used in industrial pipeline engineering, not more than 10% of the high pressure pipe; For medium and low pressure tubes, not more than 15%, and not less than the designed calculated wall thickness.

Measures to reduce tube thickness thinning include:

1) Change the stress state in the deformation area and increase the component of compressive stress. For example, the defect of pipe wall thinning can be fundamentally overcome by changing bending from winding to pushing.
The actual bending moment of the pipe not only depends on the performance of the pipe, the shape and size of the section, the bending radius and other parameters, but also has a great relationship with the bending method, the use of the mold structure.

2) Reduce the value of tensile stress at the outside of the neutral layer where tensile deformation occurs. For example, the method of local heating of resistance is adopted to reduce the deformation resistance of metal materials inside the neutral layer, so that the deformation is more concentrated in the compression part, and the purpose of reducing the stress level of the tensile part is achieved.

Therefore, at present, it is not possible to express many factors with the calculation formula
In production, only estimates can be made. !
Mace Hwang


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