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Development course of independent innovation of pipe bending machine

Development course of independent innovation of pipe bending machine

Sep 2,2022
The pipe bending machine industry in our country has developed from the initial manual to the now semi-automatic pipe bending machine and even fully automatic pipe bending machine, which has developed rapidly, but we must say that most of the technology among them is introduced from abroad. It is determined that China's automobile market and construction machinery market will continue to maintain good growth in a long period of time, thus deciding the good prospects of China's pipe bending machine market growth. The level of machinery manufacturing industry essentially reflects the industrial level of a country, CNC pipe bender is known as the high-end equipment manufacturing industry of the working machine, but our country is now the demand for low-end pipe bender is still very large, obviously the industrial level is not as foreign industrial developed countries.

The self-sufficiency rate of Chinese high-end numerical control pipe bending machine industry is seriously low, and there is great gap with the world advanced countries in the design and development, material process, parts and so on. And benefit national industrial policy, downstream industry huge demand for our numerical control bending machine industry has won precious development opportunities, constantly improving consumption power and regional revitalization program, the emergence of infrastructure construction and other factors.

The TECHNOLOGY OF PIPE bending machine in our country mainly comes from the help of the former Soviet Union technicians in the 1950s and 1960s, but since then, the researchers in PIPE bending machine industry have lost very quickly and the cohesion is insufficient due to the treatment and other problems. The long-term lag, resulting in domestic enterprises would rather pay more to buy foreign products, to meet their own needs.
Mace Hwang


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