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How to obtain the maximum output torque of pipe bending machine

How to obtain the maximum output torque of pipe bending machine

Aug 23,2022
The pipe bending machine is generally obtained through the variable speed mechanism to obtain large torque, so that the ordinary motor can be competent, unless the special pipe is now a simple pipe bender cost-effective. So the torque and the velocity that comes out of that depends on the actual situation. If the drive has no action or is overloaded, check the drive's display, which displays no or emits an alarm. In this case, the machine will not work.

There are two main methods to measure the radius of pipe bending equipment. The first method is reliable and practical but not very accurate: firstly, compare the radius of the paper shell cut circle with the radius of the bend, and repeatedly modify the size of the paper shell circle until it is consistent with the radius of the bend. Then measure the diameter of the circle with a ruler and convert it to the radius of the bend.

The second is a more scientific and accurate method: using the Pythagorean theorem, and actually using the Pythagorean theorem you can figure it out exactly. The process is also very simple, first measure the distance between the two ends of the bend, then assume a right triangle, and finally apply the hook formula, so it is easy to calculate the exact radius of the bend scientifically.

The servo drive is installed in the electrical control box. One servo drive controls the AC servo motor in each rotating machine shaft, such as the feed shaft and the Angle shaft. Each servo drive can be checked by its own display to make sure it is valid.
Mace Hwang