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How does the processing technology of pipe bending machine develop in China?

How does the processing technology of pipe bending machine develop in China?

Aug 16,2022
What about the pipe bending machine? In general, pipe bender is a general term for machinery, which can have a more detailed total circle. In general, the use of pipe bending machine in industrial construction is still more than that, and it is also a main machine, so it is necessary to understand the use of it. Pipe bender, normally, can be divided into hydraulic pipe bender and numerical control pipe bender and so on. Records show that as early as 3,000 years ago in the Shang Dynasty, there were already rotating jade tools, which is the precursor of metal cutting machine tools. The five Baht coins unearthed in the No. 1 Han Tomb in Mancheng, Hebei Province in the 1970s have traces of turning on the outer circle, uniform cutting pattern, clear cutting vibration (vertical vibration conveyor) ripple, and small ellipticity. It is possible to thread five baht on a square shaft and clip it to a wooden lathe and cut it by hand.

After liberation, China's machine tools have also developed considerably. Machine tool and tool manufacturing also grew from scratch, from small to large. In the 1970s and 1980s, tool materials were further developed, and the specifications and varieties of cemented carbide and high-speed steel were constantly increasing. Such as: coating hard alloy, cubic boron carbide, ceramic and so on. In the eighties, numerical control and digital display equipment also began to develop. Due to the influence of electronic equipment, microcomputer and transmission at that time, there is not much room for development. With the rapid development of electronic equipment, microcomputer, transmission rate, numerical control, digital display equipment has also developed rapidly.

Nowadays, manufacturing of machine tools in our country has also basically matured, especially in the ordinary machine tools. Accurately speaking, machine tool is the carrier of advanced manufacturing technology, mechanical product quality, renewal speed, strain capacity, efficiency depends on the machine tool to a considerable extent. Our DEMAND TO MACHINE TOOL NOW WILL BE THE MIDDLE NUMERICAL CONTROL MACHINE TOOL, PROCESSING CENTER AND SPECIAL PURPOSE MACHINE tool mainly. Other machine tools are relatively few. But the manufacture of the advanced numerical control machine tool and automatic production line can not compare with the world strong hand.

Today, the processing technology of pipe bending machine in China began to sprout from the Bronze Age, and gradually formed and developed. From the Shang Dynasty to the Spring and Autumn Period, there had been a fairly developed bronze smelting industry and a variety of bronze tools appeared, such as: bronze knife, bronze file, bronze saw and so on. At the same time, unearthed cultural relics and oracle bone inscriptions show that bronze tools and living tools produced in this period were mostly cut or ground in the manufacturing process. Our smelting technology is more than one thousand years earlier than that of Western Europe. The invention of carburizing, quenching, and steelmaking made it easy to make hard and sharp tools. The appearance of iron tools indicates that metal cutting has entered a new stage.
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