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What is the correct way to use the elbow oil of the pipe bending machine?

What is the correct way to use the elbow oil of the pipe bending machine?

Aug 8,2022
How to apply the automatic bending oil pipe? The hydraulic oil output by the electric oil pump is sent into the working cylinder through the high-pressure oil pipe, and the hydraulic oil pushes the plunger in the working cylinder to generate thrust, and the pipe is bent through the elbow part. And what kind of tubing should we choose to connect. The hydraulic pipe bender is composed of electric oil pump, high pressure oil pipe, quick joint, working oil cylinder, plunger, pipe bending parts [including upper flower plate, lower flower plate, die head and roller shaft.
    The oil suction pipe of the automatic hydraulic pipe bending machine should not leak air, nor should the resistance be too large to prevent cavitation due to difficulty in air intake or oil absorption. The oil return pipe must be extended below the oil level of the fuel tank to prevent splashing and generating air bubbles. The oil return pipe of the relief valve cannot be directly connected to the inlet of the pump, and must pass through the oil tank, otherwise the oil temperature will be too high. The whole pipeline installation procedure is carried out in two steps. First, the trial assembly is carried out, and the pipe joints and flanges are spot welded in suitable positions. The oil pipe should be selected according to the pressure and the use occasion. The oil pipe must have sufficient strength, and the inner wall should be smooth, clean, free of sand, rust, and oxide scale. For pipes that have been stored for a long time, they should be pickled, thoroughly cleaned, flushed, and cleaned before processing. examine. The requirements for installing the pipeline are that the line should be the shortest, and the turns should be as few as possible.

    If the drive is not moving or has been overloaded, check the drive's display, in which case it will not show or give an alarm message. In this case, the machine will not operate. The pipe bender servo driver is installed in the electrical control box, one servo driver controls the AC servo motor on each rotatable machine axis, for example, the feeding axis, the corner axis, each servo driver can be checked by its own display, determine It works.
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