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What is the commissioning mode of the pipe bending machine?

What is the commissioning mode of the pipe bending machine?

Aug 5,2022
The pipe bending head of the pipe bending machine can move laterally along the guide rail, which is necessary for the pipe bending machine to adjust the pipe groove of the bending mold to align with the center line of the machine tool after the bending die is replaced. This is simpler and more convenient than adjusting the centerline of the machine tool by adjusting the guide rails and tailstock on the bed. In the process of bending and forming, the mandrel mainly plays the role of supporting the bending inner wall of the pipe to prevent deformation. At present, the quality of domestic pipes is difficult to guarantee if the mandrel is not used when bending on the machine. There are also many kinds of mandrels, such as cylindrical mandrels, universal single, double, three and four ball head mandrels, directional single and multi-ball head mandrels, etc. In addition, the position of the mandrel also has a certain degree of influence on the bending of the pipe. In theory, its tangent should be flush with the tangent of the elbow die, but after a lot of practice, it is better to be 1-2mm in advance.

   Enter the manual mode to make the screen, and press the keys on the side of the action description to operate and execute various corresponding actions. The end of the operation action is determined by the time set at the beginning. After the time is up, it will display as "in place". The automatic mode starts to operate after pedaling. During the working state, if the pedal is operated again, the machine will stop working, and the machine needs to continue to work. Step on the foot again and press the stop button to stop working. A work flow needs to be completed with one pedal, that is, once when the work starts. In the semi-automatic mode, start the operation after pedaling. During the working state, if you pedal again, the machine will pause. If you need the machine to work again, you will pedal again, and press the stop button to stop working. A process flow allows two pedal work, that is, once when the work starts and once when the pipe is taken.

 Test machine type After pedaling, the machine starts to work. During the working state, if the pedal is operated again, the machine will stop working. If you need to work again, you need to pedal again, and you can also stop working by pressing the stop button. Relevant instructions for the test machine: The test machine is only suitable for the empty running state of the machine, and cannot be used for operation and processing! Please be careful! The test machine just omits all the pedal actions from the first one. The other action process is the same as that of the production process. After the work starts, the machine will continue to cycle until the count value is equal to the number set at the beginning or the button is considered to be stopped.
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