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How to avoid overload phenomenon of pipe bending machine?

How to avoid overload phenomenon of pipe bending machine?

Aug 4,2022
The overload phenomenon of the pipe bending machine will cause damage to the machine parts to a certain extent. Sometimes the operator does not deliberately cause the mechanical overload phenomenon, so the professional knowledge of the operation of the pipe bender and the proper adjustment of the bending mold should be necessary. The basic understanding of some overload knowledge is as follows:

Excess load may not be intentional, but it can happen easily. This is because the torque required to bend the pipe fittings is greater than the torque range designed by the machine. Misuse of machinery and equipment will result in overload of machine parts.
Full automatic pipe bender manufacturer warning! The maximum bending capacity is flexable general iron pipe tensile coefficient of 40Kg/cm2 is the most standard. Please be sure to comply with these technical specifications, otherwise the machine will be seriously damaged. Check the amount of load in the operation of the machine to avoid overload of machine components, which will affect the service life of the machine and the safety of the operator.
Mace Hwang


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