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What are the ways to improve the use of pipe bending machine molds?

What are the ways to improve the use of pipe bending machine molds?

Jul 19,2022
Each link of the pipe bending machine mold will have an important policy, which requires us to have a professional understanding and knowledge of the knowledge of the pipe bending machine mold. How to improve the processing quality of the bending machine mold and the service life of the pipe bending machine mold, there are different opinions on the technical knowledge in this regard. The following is a brief description of how to improve the service life of the pipe bending machine mold.


1. One of the most important policies of the pipe bender mold in the bending process is to create an evenly distributed machining allowance for each type of bending in each bending process. This means that bending dies from different viewpoints must be used, and the primary pipe bender die at any time should be as close as possible to the final shape of the die in each process.

2. In order to obtain the longest lifespan, the pipe bending machine die should be continuously cut for as long as possible during the bending process. If the pipe bender die enters and exits too frequently, the pipe bender die life will be significantly shortened. This exacerbates thermal stress and thermal fatigue on the cutting edge. A uniform and high temperature in the cutting area is more beneficial to modern carbide tube bender dies than a large shake.
3. The evenly distributed machining allowance of the die of the pipe bending machine ensures stable and high productivity and safe bending process. When the viewpoint remains unchanged, the bending speed and feed rate can also be stably maintained at a high level. In this way, the mold effect and working load on the pipe bender change less, so less heat and fatigue are generated, and the mold life of the pipe bender is improved.
Mace Hwang


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