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The development of pipe bending machine in modern forging equipment manufacturing industry

The development of pipe bending machine in modern forging equipment manufacturing industry

Jun 28,2022
our country's pipe bending machines have made great progress in the field of pipe processing machinery industry. Pipe processing equipment and machine tools such as hydraulic pipe benders and metal circular saws have developed very well in recent years, and have been in the field of domestic pipe processing equipment. plays a leading role. Our machine tool automatic pipe bending machine and metal circular sawing machine have always been widely concerned by the world machine tool industry.

The products of China's forging equipment manufacturing industry are in urgent need of upgrading, and China's forging equipment manufacturing enterprises must transform

To meet the urgent needs of modern manufacturing, develop "specialized, refined, special and new" forging equipment in a timely manner. The urgent need for advanced forming technology in modern manufacturing provides unprecedented market opportunities for the transformation and upgrading of the forging equipment industry. Automobiles, ships, power generation, aerospace, high-speed rail, new energy, IT industry, material industry, marine engineering equipment and other strategic emerging industries require not only "metal forming process" equipment, but also "non-metal forming" equipment and "new Forming Process" equipment.

Free from the stand-alone products that meet the main process, develop a complete set of automatic forging equipment required for multi-process production of advanced forming technology. The modern manufacturing industry with obvious characteristics of "equipment automation, high production efficiency, high product quality, low cost and low energy consumption" is supported by advanced forming technology, which is often composed of multiple processes. Therefore, China's forging equipment manufacturing industry should accelerate the transformation and upgrading from a single machine to a complete set of lines.

Master advanced forming technology and develop forging equipment with all core technologies. The purchase of the forging equipment by the user is essentially the purchase of the use function of the forging equipment. Who can meet all the requirements of the forming process and control its core technology, who has the right to speak in the market. In order to realize the transformation and upgrading of China's forging equipment manufacturing industry, it is necessary to increase the research on advanced forming technology, develop equipment that meets the needs of advanced forming technology, through forming technology - forming die - forming equipment - forming parts The comprehensive innovation of coupling enables the forging equipment to have all independent intellectual property rights.
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