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Comparison between our country's pipe bending machine industry and domestic machine tool industry

Comparison between our country's pipe bending machine industry and domestic machine tool industry

Jun 27,2022
The machinery industry and our pipe processing machinery bending machine equipment products, the sales of our pipe bending machine equipment products in the first half of this year is relatively good in the same industry, but the sales of pipe bending machine equipment products is significantly decreased compared with previous years, why is this? We need to think and prepare.

Looking ahead, the new driving force of economic development may be determined in the strategy of new urbanization, which will also have a great impact on China's industrial development in the medium and long term, which will be the key point of investment strategy in the second half of the year. But in any case, the elimination of excess capacity in radical industries will be inevitable, and the current policy will not be soft. Future investment opportunities lie in industrial transformation, many of which have continued to react.

Although hydraulic pipe bending machine and CNC pipe bender with China machine tool industry in just a few years to achieve leapfrog development, the establishment of a complete industrial system, through the industrial developed countries hundreds of years of development, but the gap still exists, the core competitiveness Is still insufficient, how to see the development of China's machine tool industry, to win the future? In an interview, Mr. Xu Zhengshun, general manager of CNC drive business of Siemens (China) Co., LTD., said to the point: farsighted enterprises should pursue sustainable and healthy growth with excellent quality in order to adapt to the road of industrial upgrading. Its insights are worth pondering in the industry.

From the phenomenon, Chinese machine tool users are in the price, the use of the pursuit of simple, but this result will inevitably lead to serious product homogenization, low price competition is inevitable. Xu Zhengshun, who has been working in the machine tool industry for more than 20 years, has a deep understanding of the industry. Through many years of observation, he believes that low-price competition is impossible to succeed in China. To upgrade Chinese machine tools, we must take the road of differentiation and improve the added value of users through intelligent innovation. In China's machine tool market consumption, 60% imports, joint venture, 40% from domestic. The competition of these 40% domestic machine tools is mainly low-end products, and most of the imported products are high-end products. He further explained that although China's machine tool has made great progress in the past decade, the shackle problem still fetters the pace of progress, on the one hand, low-end overcapacity, on the other hand, high-end capacity is obviously insufficient.
Mace Hwang