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What are the technical application requirements of copper aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line

What are the technical application requirements of copper aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line

May 13,2022
Now, through practical testing, and the two openings of the split core structure are sent to ensure the strength of the cantilever, select the method and structure, and improve the parameters. Compared with the computer simulation, including the capacity copper aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line, confirm the implementation of the structural arrangement of the welding chamber, and the extrusion effect of its die production practice can improve the production efficiency and reduce the production cost. Therefore, it is an interesting test method for popularization and application.

At present, the theoretical basis for determining the maximum depth of the guide cavity is given. The analysis method of the upper limit flow function is used to confirm the thin-walled solid, be familiar with the extrusion of aluminum profile, its voltage velocity field and upper limit power, the maximum die deviation of deformation rate and theoretical depth, and obtain other parameters, as well as the in-depth treatment of theoretically thicker solid aluminum profile. The aluminum profile production line is very important for many parts of the process, Due to the different performance of real-time communication in each individual system, the communication system using the system module is pressed into two independent current, allowing the rapid generation of signals.

In order to improve the control performance and reliability of the whole system, improve the network structure of the equipment, and meet the actual requirements of the application according to the extrusion of aluminum profile. As the water cooling equipment copper aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line can manually control the cooling, its external water is cooled and blown out manually again, and used as a cooling puncture needle. In the process of treatment, the amount of cooling water must be controlled, and the sealing leakage between the needle and the puncture needle must be checked frequently, It is necessary to expand and cool thoroughly after each extrusion cycle. And in the extrusion process, the surface tension must be reduced. The output speed of the metal ensures the surface quality of the extruded object. If there is a wide temperature range in the area, if the metal is allowed by the outlet temperature of the metal, the plastic deformation of the output speed of the extruded metal can be reduced. Therefore, the area of high-temperature copper plastic is large, and there is no quality problem in rapid extrusion
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