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What are the methods to eliminate mill vibration

What are the methods to eliminate mill vibration

Apr 4,2022
Today's cold rolling mill, mechanical and electrical system operation is controlled by computer, can appear due to design problem structure damage or system failure, under certain conditions or interference, continuous self-excited vibration may occur, the operation of the factory fault seriously affects the quality of our products and damage to equipment or even interrupt production, this paper proposes a multi-parameter comprehensive test based on symmetry, The reason and method of self-excited vibration elimination of cold rolling mill were analyzed by experiment and theory.

In the research project example, roller space displacement sensor installation structure between rolling gap caused by the dynamic characteristic of displacement signal response is reduced, thus caused the nonlinear self-excited vibration, hydraulic pressure plate thickness control system, resulting in a continuous serious forced vibration, the whole machine through the structural dynamics modification, minimize reduce the time for the displacement feedback signal, The closed-circuit stability of the system is significantly improved, and the self-excited vibration under normal working conditions is eliminated, which ensures the efficiency of the cold rolling mill. The finishing mill has strong vibration when cold rolling thin specification container plate.

In order to determine its properties and search restrictions, first calculate the intrinsic characteristics of main drive system and the basic system, and then evaluate the vibration of the main drive system torque, and shaft work roll bending moment in the field of rolling mill, and finally established the speed of rolling mill vibration, the torsional vibration of the equipment has a mild, vibration is the main form of the horizontal and vertical vibration of roller system, The energy in the horizontal direction is much greater than the energy in the vertical direction, they are the horizontal direction of the roller system.

By gathering axis arc tooth connection, roll over to prop up vibration resonance of the system, and therefore a timely replacement shaft bending of tooth form, and between the work roll bearing seat and cladding plate increase copper washers, in order to eliminate the gap between the bearing and arc, thus suppressing vibration roller system of horizontal direction, the measures have been applied in many use of iron and steel production plant.
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