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How big is the plant required to produce aluminum profiles?

How big is the plant required to produce aluminum profiles?

Mar 15,2022
How big is the plant required to produce aluminum profiles? This is the concern of customers who are initially ready to build a factory to invest in aluminum profile factories.

The plant area for the production of aluminum profiles must be calculated according to the specifications and dimensions of the entire aluminum extruder equipment, and the raw materials for the production of profiles, and the post-production placement area, plus the area of some open space such as corridors.

For example, if the 630 tons of aluminum extrusion extruder equipment is used, the plant needs an area of about 60 meters. Aluminum profile extrusion machine use: This series of equipment is suitable for aluminum, alloy and other metals and aluminum profile extrusion processing, can produce a variety of building profiles, industrial profiles, roller shutter doors and windows, aluminum rods, aluminum tubes and other aluminum profile products.

Technical parameter size of 630 tons of aluminum extruder
Equipment model, maximum extrusion force, host center height, extrusion cylinder specifications Total power Dimensions

XJ-630  6.3MN    945mm Φ85-Φ105×500mm 200KW 8.0M×3.2M×2.8M
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